jacqueline jacobs

For several years, I taught in a course called HEALER’s ART, a UCSD Medical School elective designed to help medical students find meaning in the practice of medicine.  We did this via small and large group sessions, during which students confronted their personal fears and gained wholeness. We created a model of healing relationships between doctors and patients.
        The HEALER’s ART course was created by Dr Rachel Naomi Remen, M.D. at UCSF and is now taught at over 70 U.S. medical schools.
            As a young girl in Chile, I loved to make art. I forever drew and painted.  My parents allowed me to take a few elective art courses, but they urged me into the sciences.  My mother was a dentist, my father a physician-professor.  At 17, I was accepted to both the University of Chile’s Medical School and School of Fine Arts.  I chose medical school.I choose to see an artistic angle whether I look at cells under a microscope, parts of a dissected body, a baby during birth...Throughout my life, even during medical practice I have maintained an active interest in art.  I took courses at SDSU and attended private workshops.  I have had numerous exhibits and commissioned works.  I also teach art workshops.I consider myself fortunate to have had a dual career in both healing and visual arts.  Science and Art are intertwined.  They both see life as a creative force that justifies our presence on this planet. I often combine media and imagery, remaining open to discovery and experimentation.  My work is organic and often playful.